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Download Paper Pioneer Soldiers to Print

Print this enlarged image and attach to card stock. Then cut out the figures and attach bracket stands. Be sure to set your printer for horizontal [landscape] printing and to fit the page.

reduced view of Pioneer Infantry cut-out figuresNew York Herald 1917 Cut-Outs
U.S. Pioneer Infantry
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Youngsters can find answers to the questions by searching the RMMMH site.

  1. Why was the CCC based at Fort Missoula?
  2. How long did the CCC last? Why did it end?
  3. What was the purpose of the CCC?
  4. Do you think you would have liked to be a member of the CCC during the thirties? Explain.
  5. Recruits being inspected
    Recruits being inspected

  6. List 4 points describing what life was like in the CCC. Be sure to analyze and discuss the pictures on this handout and on display at the RMMMH.
  7. Fort Missoula six-man band
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    Typical recreational activities of the CCC provided for music.

  8. Based upon the photos, what would have been different if the CCC happened today?
  9. Boating on Lake McDonald
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    Some free time in Glacier National Park

  10. What or who is missing from all of the CCC pictures?
  11. Imagine you are from a big city like Brooklyn and a member of the CCC based at one of the camps in the Fort Missoula District. Write a letter home describing a typical day. Base your letter on the photos on display and what you know about the CCC.

Photos on this page are part of the NARA collection available at: