U.S.S. Missoula

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Photo: USS Missoula APA 211
U.S.S Missoula attack transport, APA 211 [Enlarge +]

Photo: U.S. flag over Mt. Suribachi
Raising of first U.S. flag over Mt. Suribachi, Feb. 23, 1945
PFC Louis Charlo with radio. [Enlarge +]

U.S.S. Missoula crewman, ca. March 1945. Courtesy Arthur Loveridge collection, Historical Museum at Fort Missoula.

USS Missoula crew photo
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Back (left to right): J.S. Stinde, W.R. Pipes, R.E. Rouen, W.G. Cummings, J.L. Raley, J.D. Graham; middle: E. Springe, Silvin Petrunte, D. Gust, Puthoff; front: "Pape" Deal, Schnider, A. Loveridge, unknown. Courtesy Arthur Loveridge and Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, 2006.2.2.

USS Missoula APA 211
USS Missoula APA 211

Missoulian, October 2006—Local hero, namesake ship to be featured in Clint Eastwood-produced film, "The Flags of Our Fathers."