Korean War

United States and United Nations
Order of Battle

U.S. Army: Eighth U.S. Army:
Second Infantry Division
Third Infantry Division
Seventh Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division
25th Infantry Division
40th Infantry Division
45th Infantry Division
First Cavalry Division
Fifth Regimental Combat Team
29th Regimental Combat Team
187th Regimental Combat Team

U.S. Navy:
Naval Forces Far East:
Task Force 77
Task Force 90
Task Force 95
Task Force 96

U.S. Marine Corps:
First Marine Division
First Provisional Marine Brigade

U.S. Marine Corps:
First Marine Division
First Provisional Marine Brigade

U.S. Air Force:
Far East Air Force:
Fifth Air Force
Combat Cargo Command
Military Air Transport Command
Bomber Command

The U.S. armed forces personnel who served during the Korean War era (1950-53) numbered 5,720,000. Total United States casualties incurred during 1950-53 were: 54,246 dead, 103,284 wounded, and 8177 missing in action.

The Republic of Korea Army by July 1953 consisted of 590,911 men organized in sixteen divisions. The R.O.K armed forces incurred an estimated 59,000 killed and 291,000 wounded during 1950-53. R.O.K. civilian casualties are estimated in the millions.

Member states of the United Nations contributed 39,145 ground personnel to the allied effort in Korea. The largest contingents of these were the Commonwealth Division from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand, and the Turkish Brigade. Other contributors of air, ground and naval forces include: Belgium, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, and Thailand. These U.N. forces incurred 3063 killed and 11,817 wounded.

The North Korean People's Army by July 1953 consisted of an estimated 260,000 men. Chinese Communist Forces in Korea by that date are estimated at 248,100. Combined casualties for the Communist forces during 1950-53 are estimated at 500,000 killed and 1,000,000 wounded.

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