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The Montana Korean War Memorial - always Remember!

The Montana Korean War Memorial

The Montana Korean War Memorial
State Veteran's Memorial Rose Garden - Missoula, MT

Welcome to the Montana Korean War Memorial. Montanans who served and died in what has been termed "America's Forgotten War" are no longer forgotten in Montana where a state memorial was erected in Missoula MT on 14 June 1997 as a tribute to their dedication and sacrifice.

Since the late 60's, the Korean War and its veterans slipped into the shadow of the more controversial Vietnam War. To correct what many perceive as an oversight, an 18 man committee was formed in September 1995 to raise money to create the memorial which was dedicated on Flag Day, 14 June 1997 in Missoula's Rose Memorial Park. The park is home to memorials for every war and conflict from WW II forward.

In just three years 33665 Americans were killed in action. 3275 died from non hostile causes and 103284 were wounded. There are still 8176 American service members missing in action (MIA). 7000 were prisoners of war, 51% of whom died in prison camps.


Montana lost 138 men in combat in the war.

The memorial is constructed of black academy granite, the same as that used in the Korean Memorial in Washington D. C. It is located in the State Veteran's Rose Memorial Park, so designated in April 1999 by Governor Marc Racicot.

The names of the 138 Montana men who died in combat are etched into the granite slabs. The original design and artwork was donated by Missoula artist and Vietnam veteran, Bruce Haegg Johnson. It features a map of Korea and a soldier looking down at the helmet of a fallen comrade.

The project would not have been possible without the tremendous outpouring of love and resources from throughout Montana, several other states, Canada and Ireland, according to C E Crookshanks, Committee Chairman. The construction of the memorial was funded entirely by donations from individuals, corporations, civic and veterans groups. There were no government funds of any kind solicited or used in the project. The war that has been characterized as the "Forgotten War" is no longer forgotten in Montana.

The memorial stands a symbol that all veterans can look upon and know that we recognize and honor their patriotism, sense of duty and sacrifice.

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