Citizens' Military Training Camp


Citizens' Military Training Camp poster

The Citizens Military Training Camp program was an outgrowth of the "Plattsburgh Camps" of World War I. As international tensions worsened before the war, the U.S. Army proposed a series of experimental summer training camps to introduce young men to the requirements of military service. Two camps were held that summer in Gettysburg, Pa. and Pacific Grove, Calif.

After the outbreak of European hostilities in 1914, the program was expanded to four sites. The attendance of several upper-class New York City residents at the Plattsburg, N.Y. camp popularized the activity, and the training sites became popularly known as "Plattsburg Camps." When the U.S. entered the war in 1917, the activity was made national in scope as the Regular Army sought to meet the sudden manpower needs of the American Expeditionary Force and supporting stateside activities. By the close of the war, nearly 100,000 officers had received their initial training from the Plattsburg Camps.

Through the 1920's and 1930's, the program was maintained as a series of summer camps for youths interested in military service, but with no permanent enlistment obligation required. Fort Missoula and the 4th Infantry Regiment hosted several CMTC summer camps until preparations for World War II required more intensive training programs. The CMTC program terminated in 1940.

Photos of 4th Infantry members and the CMTC at Fort Missoula courtesy of Dan Nelson, unless otherwise noted.

CMTC Co. "A" Camp Robert J. Maxey, Fort Missoula 1932

Photo: CMTC Company A seated group
Photo: large seated group - hand printed white caption on photo says 'C.M.T.C Co. "A" Camp Robert J. Maxey Fort Missoula - Montana 1932 [signed ...Woods Missoula]' dark written caption with line to person says, "1st Sgt. - Dan S. Nelson"
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Photo: Dan Nelson
Cadet 1st Sgt. Dan Nelson CMTC 1932
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Photo: Lt. Engles
Lt. Engles, U.S. Army
1st Battalion, 4th Infantry
Assigned to CTMC 1932
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Photo: Cadet Robert Coombs
Cadet Robert Coombs CMTC 1932
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Photo: Drill Sgt. 1st BN 4th Infantry
Drill Sgt. 1st BN 4th Infantry
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